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What’s the Use of a Turbocharger in a Diesel Engine?

January 21, 2020 4:24 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’re familiar with diesel engines but aren’t sure exactly how a turbocharger works, you’re not alone. “Turbocharged” is a phrase thrown around in popular culture, but few people understand what it actually means, let alone what it might be used for. Turbochargers in Corpus Christi, TX are an incredibly useful solution for many commercial, industrial and even private applications. As the name suggests, “turbocharging” increases the engine’s power output—but how does that work, and when might it be most useful? Let’s find out. How diesel engines work Diesel engines work by compressing air inside the cylinder to elevate its... View Article

Four of the Latest Advancements in Diesel Technology

December 30, 2019 7:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The latest advancements in fuel injection systems in Corpus Christi, TX are just a small part of the evolution in diesel technology. Gone are the days of loud, smelly engines fuming up the streets. Diesel is now a clean, quiet and efficient alternative to gasoline. Here are four advancements in diesel technology over the last few decades: Cetane additives: This is the easiest way to increase the compression ratio of a diesel engine. Compression ratio is linked to fuel efficiency and reduces emissions, which are the two biggest areas where diesel technology has made improvements through the years. Cetane additives... View Article

Do Diesel Engines Get Better Gas Mileage?

December 16, 2019 7:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

One of the most common arguments for buying diesel vehicles over gas-powered models is their better fuel economy. It is a common question we hear at our auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX, whether someone has owned diesel trucks for years or is considering a switch to diesel. There are advantages and disadvantages to diesel engines, and your choice depends on why you need a truck. Here is an overview to help you with this decision: Fuel economy: Diesel engines do have gas engines beat when it comes to miles per gallon. However, the difference is more pronounced with... View Article

Information About the Proper Maintenance of Diesel Engines

November 29, 2019 12:21 am Published by Leave your thoughts

There are a lot of reasons why people might choose vehicles or equipment that are powered by diesel engines rather than standard gasoline engines, including better overall fuel efficiency, better environmental standards due to lower emissions and less frequent maintenance checks. However, despite these benefits, that does not mean that diesel engines are entirely maintenance-free, or that you can get away with just doing nothing with them and expecting them to provide the same level of reliability and performance. With this in mind, here are some tips from an auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX that you should follow... View Article

The Pros and Cons of Diesel Engines

November 15, 2019 12:21 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Almost all heavy-duty machinery uses diesel engine fuel as opposed to standard gasoline engines. Diesel engines are much more popular overseas than in the United States—about 45 percent of people who purchase vehicles in western Europe opt for diesel-powered vehicles, versus just five percent of vehicle owners in the United States. Still, diesel engines aren’t just used for cars—they’re also used for machinery and equipment used for construction, lawn maintenance and much more. Here are a few examples of some of the biggest pros and cons associated with the use of diesel engines. Talk to your trusted provider of diesel... View Article