A Look at Some Common Tractor Engine Issues

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Owning a tractor means you can accomplish a lot in your fields or yard. A tractor is often a prized possession because, when it’s working properly, it makes your life easier and more productive. But there are some responsibilities that come with tractor ownership. Like owning any piece of powerful outdoor equipment, having a basic understanding of tractor repairs will pay dividends—and taking care of minor issues before they become major ones is critical. If you want to keep your machine in excellent shape for landscaping or farming, it’s worthwhile to find out more about diesel engine repair in Corpus... View Article

How Often You Should Clean Your Diesel Particulate Filter

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A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a type of filter that catches and then stores exhaust soot from a diesel engine to reduce the amount of emissions that engine creates. However, it’s important to remember that these filters have a finite capacity—you need to regularly empty out the trapped soot for the DPF to continue working as intended. The process of cleaning out the filter involves cleanly burning off the excess soot that’s in the filter in a manner that reduces the harmful emissions associated with diesel exhaust, preventing the black smoke that occasionally can be seen emanating from diesel... View Article

Why Alignment Is So Important

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You’re driving down the road and suddenly run over a pothole. It jostles you around in your vehicle a bit, but you keep plowing ahead and don’t think much of it. But this might be all it takes to knock your vehicle and tires out of alignment. It really doesn’t take as much as you might think to mess with the alignment of your vehicle. Running over potholes or curbs and general wear and tear can all have a toll on the suspension system of your vehicle, and its steering components. If this does happen, and your vehicle does come... View Article

How to Avoid a Blown Head Gasket

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When it comes to vehicle problems, a blown head gasket is near the top of the list of things you want to avoid. A blown head gasket on its own is a problem that necessitates repair or replacement. However, the broken head gasket leads to a variety of other issues which only get more expensive to fix over time. In order to save yourself a ton of money and time wasted at an auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX, keep reading—this post will teach you a few of the ways to avoid a blown head gasket and subsequent issues.... View Article

The Difference Between Direct and Indirect Fuel Injection Systems in Corpus Christi, TX

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You may have heard the terms “direct fuel injection” and “indirect fuel injection” thrown around from time to time. But what do they mean? To anyone who’s not a car expert, it might just sound like useless technical jargon. To clear up any future confusion and to make your life easier, we’ve put together this handy post. Continue reading to learn the difference between the two, and the advantages of each. Indirect fuel injection Indirect fuel injection diesel engines (also known as IDI) utilize a pre-combustion chamber, which is where fuel rapidly mixes with air and autoignition occurs. Fuel is... View Article