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What Is a Diesel Particulate Filter?

If you’re the owner or driver of a diesel-powered vehicle, it is important to have at least a basic understanding of some of the more important parts you’ll find in the diesel system. A diesel particulate filter is one example of a part that will play an important role in the vehicle’s operation. A failure […]

Always Prioritize Good Diesel Engine Filtration

Engine filtration is always important for efficient, reliable vehicle operation, especially in diesel engines, where dirt can wreak havoc on engine quality. The oil, fuel and air filters in these engines play important roles in preventing dirt and debris from getting inside the engine and impacting operation, so it’s crucial that you prioritize high-quality filtration […]

We Service More Than Just Diesel Engines!

While we might have “diesel” in our name and are known for our diesel services, Coastal Diesel Injection would like to emphasize that we do a whole lot more than just service diesel engines! We provide a full range of car maintenance services for any time you need a tune-up from a qualified auto mechanic […]

How to Avoid a Blown Head Gasket

When it comes to vehicle problems, a blown head gasket is near the top of the list of things you want to avoid. A blown head gasket on its own is a problem that necessitates repair or replacement. However, the broken head gasket leads to a variety of other issues which only get more expensive […]

Five Maintenance Tips for Your Mobile Generator

If your diesel truck is a food truck or work truck, chances are, you use a mobile generator. These devices make work possible, but just like the truck that carries them, they require mobile generator repairs and maintenance in Corpus Christi, TX. Do not take your generator for granted—give it its tune-ups, too! Here are […]

How Are Electric Engines Impacting Diesel Trucks?

Electric vehicles are all the rage these days, and with good reason. With the imminent threats of climate change transforming the environment, it’s natural that we’re turning toward cleaner and more efficient engines. But can electric engines possibly fill in the gap that diesel engines would leave behind? The answer depends on what you’re looking […]

Effective Ways to Increase Your Truck’s Performance

Our shop receives many questions on improving diesel truck performance in Corpus Christi, TX. Customers notice their trucks stop towing and driving efficiently, and they look for ways to return performance to like-new standards. Fortunately, if you need a better running and more efficient truck, you have options. Here are five ways to increase your […]

Why Your Diesel Engine Could Benefit from an Aftermarket Lift Pump

If your vehicle has a diesel engine, you may eventually feel like your stock parts just don’t cut it anymore. Getting the right upgrade can dramatically improve your vehicle’s performance and power. If you crave more horsepower, an aftermarket diesel lift pump in Corpus Christi, TX might just do the trick. Upgrading your lift pump […]

What Are the Benefits of an Aftermarket Exhaust System?

The exhaust system is an important part of your vehicle, removing the harmful gases your engine produces. It can also control the noise, improve your fuel economy and boost your engine performance. The more efficiently the gases escape, the better performance you’ll see. Most manufacturers have to decide where they want to make tradeoffs in […]

How Often Should I Change the Oil in My Diesel Truck?

A lot of auto service in Texas can actually be accomplished on your own if you have the confidence to do so. Replacing your wiper blades, filling your wiper fluid and even rotating your tires can all be done on your own if you feel confident enough in your handy abilities. Working with oil changes […]

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