The performance of a diesel engine has a strong correlation with the performance of its fuel injection pump systems. Any time you suffer from problems with fuel delivery, you can expect to have engine difficulties. Therefore, it’s important to resolve problems that occur with your fuel injection system as quickly as possible so you don’t experience complete engine failure.

Here are a few examples of some of the most common problems people tend to experience with fuel pumps and injectors in diesel engines. Put your trust in our auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX to address these issues properly when you experience them.

Dirty fuel

If you can keep your diesel fuel pump injector system clean, you’ll be able to trust that it will operate more efficiently and reliably. However, it’s important to know that residue can and will build up inside the fuel system. If you have enough debris inside the injector pump, it could start to get clogged. The area most prone to getting clogged is the spray tip, which is the section where the fuel exits the injector and then goes into the combustion chamber.

If you notice your engine starting to sputter while you’re trying to accelerate, this could be a sign that you’re dealing with a clogged spray tip. The cleanliness (or lack thereof) of the fuel you used could be a reason for this problem.

Objects inside the injector

There are some circumstances in which foreign objects can lodge themselves inside the injector, which can create some problems for the engine. It could just be a small clump of dust, or a little leaf—that’s all it takes for the injector to get clogged up. Small objects could also result in the injector staying open all the time, and if the injector fails to close, that means the cylinder performance will then be affected, which could result in even more severe problems.

Low fuel tank levels

Running with your fuel tank near empty is extremely bad for your diesel engine—you should aim to keep at least a third of the tank filled at all times. This is due to the lubrication that the fuel provides. When there’s enough fuel in your tank, the fuel pump bearings will be properly lubricated. As the tank empties, that fuel system will be getting more air than fuel, which will quickly wear out the bearings and prevent the injector from getting the fuel at the proper level of pressurization.

Injector timing issues

If you have an injector pump that has defective ball seats or O-rings, then the timing of the fuel transfer process will be interrupted. This is a serious issue that could require you to completely rebuild your injection pump, depending on the circumstances.

These are just a few examples of some of the most common problems associated with diesel fuel pumps and injectors. For more information about how to resolve these problems, or to schedule an appointment at our auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX, reach out to Coastal Diesel Injection today.