The moment you turn the key in your diesel’s ignition and your engine springs to life, a number of processes go to work. However, none of them work very well if your engine is unable to supply itself with much-needed diesel. That’s what the fuel injector does—it shoots a measure of fuel into the car’s engine so the combustion aspect of your engine can proceed.

In short, the fuel injector is essential. If you’re worried that you might need fuel injector repair in Corpus Christi, TX, here are some tips to look out for.

Look for a warning light

Modern diesel engines have an array of sensors designed to let you know of something isn’t working the right way. As soon as your fuel injector begins to spray too much or too little diesel fuel, the “check engine” light should turn on. More often than not, it is much less expensive to get your diesel to a mechanic than to neglect a light on your dashboard.

Acceleration delays

When you press on the gas pedal, is there a momentary delay in your engine’s acceleration? You could be experiencing issues with clogged or faulty fuel injectors. Blockages can play havoc with your engine’s acceleration and even pose a safety threat in certain situations.

Decreased fuel efficiency

Are you noticing that you have to hit the gas station for refills more and more frequently? It could be a sign that you need fuel injector maintenance in Corpus Christi, TX. When your fuel injector is damaged, it could have issues regulating, or it could supply an overabundance of fuel that doesn’t do your engine any good. It only drains your bank account.

Consistent misfiring

Is your engine misfiring on a regular basis? One of the most common causes for this hazardous issue is a weakened fuel injector. Once your engine begins to misfire, the problem can become worse and worse over time, causing a lot of damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Rough idling

There’s nothing more troubling than coasting to a stop only to have the cab of your diesel engine shake and shimmy uncomfortably. Even if the tremors don’t reach the cab, a roughly idling vehicle can be a significant nuisance. With enough shaking, even the most secure fixture can shake loose and cause severe damage.

Coastal Diesel Injection is your answer

Are you in need of fuel injector repair in Corpus Christi, TX? Come to the team at Coastal Diesel Injection, where we have more than two decades of experience helping our customers get the most from their diesel engine. Whether you need work done on marine equipment or you need to keep your fleet running on time and under budget, we can help.

The best thing you can do for your engine, whether it’s diesel-powered or not, is make sure you’re engaging in regular sessions of preventative maintenance. At Coastal Diesel Injection, we’ll work with you to establish a protective regimen that will keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Visit us online or give us a call today to learn more.