Diesel engine filters in Corpus Christi, TX need regular attention to ensure stellar vehicle performance and to prevent costly problems or repairs with other components. Diesel engines function differently than gasoline powered engines, so you must seek the skills of a knowledgeable diesel mechanic. For this reason, to get the right type of service for your diesel powered vehicle, it is crucial that you take it to an auto repair shop that specializes in diesel engines.

Diesel particulate filters

One such diesel vehicle component is the diesel particulate filter (DPF). The DPF is an emissions control device that’s installed on road driving diesel engines and designed to burn soot. But although it burns away a good portion the soot, the ash that doesn’t burn will collect over time, which is a natural occurrence. When the ash buildup gets to be too much, the result is extreme pressure and regenerations that lead to DPF failure, reduced fuel economy and vehicle downtime.

Depending on the type of diesel engine, a DPF replacement can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars—even as much as $8,000. Like most diesel engine and diesel fleet owners, your goal is likely to reach for the more affordable solution first, which would be to clean and service your DPF regularly. The cost will be significantly lower than that of buying a brand new filter.

Benefits and cost savings resulting from cleaning your DPF include:

  • Extend engine and filter life: Diesel particulate filters remove diesel particulates and soot from the exhaust of diesel engines, so they require periodic maintenance. Since ash can begin to harden in the filter cells around 150,000 miles, you don’t want to leave ash in the filter too long. It can become hard to remove during cleanings, which can cause cracking and other types of damage. Once damaged, you’ll need a replacement.
  • Clean it to save big: When you partner with a reputable diesel auto repair shop to service and clean your DPF, the potential savings can reach into the thousands of dollars. This is an especially great savings opportunity when compared with the alternative of having to buy a new DPF.
  • Replace it only when necessary: Diesel engine filters in Corpus Christi, TX can be replaced, although it is much more expensive to buy a new DPF. Instead, make sure to hire a professional to perform regular maintenance and cleanings on your existing DPF. An honest shop will let you know if a replacement DPF is your only option.
  • Improve diesel efficiency and fuel economy: A DPF that’s fully functioning is working at maximum efficiency. This saves money on fuel and prevents the engine and other working parts from overworking.
  • Avoid fleet downtime: If you own a fleet of diesel engine vehicles for business purposes, you definitely want to avoid unscheduled downtime and money loss. But you may have to pull a vehicle from your fleet if ash and soot is left unchecked and the DPF gets damaged.

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