Oil change service in Corpus Christi, TX and other vehicle maintenance should not be neglected. While it takes time and money to stay current, this is time well spent when you consider the alternative. Diesel engines are especially long-lived, but that only happens if you take good care of them. Here are five reasons why regular vehicle maintenance is important:

  • Maintain performance: Performance filtration and lubricants made especially for diesel engines can make a big difference in performance and fuel efficiency. The best way to know whether you are using the best products for your vehicle is to see your diesel mechanic for regular maintenance. Other products may work better as your vehicle ages, or if you are performing more towing than usual. The best way to ensure that your vehicle still maintains its best function is to stay updated on engine care.
  • Safety: Whether you are taking a long road trip or commuting after a long day of work, breakdowns are guaranteed to ruin your day. They also threaten your safety. Imagine having a breakdown in a dead signal zone or blocking miles of rush hour traffic while trying to figure out how to stay out of the way. Anything can happen, from being stranded to causing an accident. A well-functioning vehicle that is maintained regularly is also a safer one.
  • Saves money: An oil change service is much less expensive than a new engine, yet if you skip it too many times, you risk any number of serious repairs. Besides oil, maintenance also ensures the right levels of brake, transmission and coolant fluids, which also keep you safe while extending the life of your vehicle. Just as a blown engine can cost money, so can failed brakes, dropped transmissions or engines that run hot. This makes setting aside time for an oil change much more appealing.
  • Improved fuel efficiency: Fuel prices fluctuate, and you likely wish to control that cost. Vehicles that do not receive regular maintenance burn through fuel. This is another area where you may see a threat to your budget if you do not stay current on maintenance. It is estimated that regular engine maintenance increases fuel efficiency from four to 40 percent. When you are taking long trips or towing frequently, even that four percent can add up in cost savings.
  • Reduces depreciation: A vehicle in excellent or good condition holds a better value upon sale or trade-in than one only rated fair. If you trade in work trucks frequently or anticipate a new vehicle in the future, regular maintenance increases that trade-in value. This is also an advantage if you decide to sell private party. Someone is much more likely to buy your car if you have the repair and maintenance records to show they are not merely buying your problem.

Coastal Diesel Injection offers oil change service in Corpus Christi, TX and other vehicle maintenance services. If it is time to have your fluids checked or a longstanding issue repaired, call us today to schedule an appointment.