In a world where people are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact but no less reliant on the invaluable services provided by diesel engines, it’s more important than ever to make sure your diesel is running clean. Enter the diesel particulate filter, or DPF.

These innovative little devices are designed to capture the minute bits of soot and ash created as a result of your diesel engine’s operation. Diesel particulate filters in Corpus Christi, TX go a long way toward reducing the emissions of diesel engines and preventing the trademark black smoke that once billowed from the exhaust pipes of diesel vehicles.

In short, DPFs allow professionals to take the environment into account, even as they take advantage of all the benefits a diesel engine provides. To keep your diesel particulate filter working its best, however, you will eventually need to clean or replace it. Here are some tips and tricks to determine if your DPF needs to get swapped out.

Short trips are tough

On a long enough road trip, diesel particulate filters in Corpus Christi, TX have the opportunity to burn off a large portion of the soot and ash that accumulates on the filter. When you aren’t spending enough time behind the wheel, however, your engine doesn’t have the chance to dispose of this excess particulate, and it can clog the filter, rendering it useless.

Ash is the enemy

The engine will naturally eliminate soot from your filter. Soot is just carbon, so when your engine gets warm enough, it pushes oxygen toward your DPF, where it combines with the carbon to form carbon dioxide, a gas that can pass right through your filter. Ash, on the other hand, isn’t so easy to get rid of. On a long enough timeline, ash will permanently clog your diesel particulate filter, necessitating a cleaning.

Cleaning is essential

It is absolutely imperative that you make sure your diesel particulate filter is cleaned regularly. When it’s properly maintained, a DPF should last at least 100,000 miles. If the same filter isn’t cleaned, it could fail thousands of miles sooner than that. Replacing a DPF can cost owners up to $10,000, which means it’s no minor repair. The absolute best bet is to make sure you’re having your DPF regularly inspected by a pro.

The diesel experts

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