Owning a boat can be one of life’s great joys. The opportunity to get out on the open water becomes more and more alluring as winter recedes and spring and summer draw near. While your boat’s engine isn’t as complicated as a gasoline-powered car engine, it does still require maintenance and attention to ensure that the boat remains fully operational.

When you want to get out on the open waters, it’s useful to first bring your boat to the team at a diesel performance shop in Corpus Christi, TX. Read on for useful tips on keeping the engine in shape:

  • Check out the manual: You know that dusty document that’s sitting in a drawer somewhere? It’s actually very useful. The manual will tell you exactly what kind of service your engine needs. Following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter is recommended. Also, the manual will provide information about when to take your boat in for professional maintenance. Find all the relevant info in the manual, then mark it out on a calendar so that you don’t forget regular servicing.
  • Lubrication: Just like with a car, it’s crucial to do regular oil changes on your boat. Check your owner’s manual, but many boats need an oil change every 100 hours. The frequency will depend on the size of the boat’s engine and how hard it’s working. Note that diesel engines work much harder than their gasoline counterparts due to the pressure exerted on the engine. A buildup of moisture results in additional sulfuric acid and carbon, which limits the ability of the oil to lubricate the engine parts. This can result in dangerous overheating, so don’t skip out on regular oil changes.
  • Clean fuel: Clogged fuel filters can spell disaster for any boater. Regular cleaning of the fuel tank combined with replacing the primary and secondary filters is recommended. A fuel tank technician can take care of this to ensure that there’s no gunk or sediment impeding the engine’s ability to perform.
  • The cooling system: Common recreational marine craft use a system with a heat exchanger and a freshwater loop to cool the engine. A blockage in the flow on the raw water side is common due to debris (such as barnacles, plastic or kelp) infiltrating the system. This can cause the engine to overheat very quickly, especially with diesel-powered boats. Within a minute, compression builds up and can quickly do a lot of damage. Regular maintenance of the cooling system is essential to avoid this situation.

Sometimes it’s possible to fix problems on your own, but there are plenty of instances in which you’ll need to bring in your boat for servicing at a certified diesel performance shop in Corpus Christi, TX. Coastal Diesel Injection is your one stop shop for diesel repair, service and performance. Not only that, but we’re stocked with brand-name products from leading manufacturers.

Every repair we perform is backed by our years of experience in the industry. We only use the highest-quality products for every job, from automotive to trucking to agricultural vehicles. Stop in today or call to schedule your appointment.