The Pros and Cons of Diesel Engines

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Almost all heavy-duty machinery uses diesel engine fuel as opposed to standard gasoline engines. Diesel engines are much more popular overseas than in the United States—about 45 percent of people who purchase vehicles in western Europe opt for diesel-powered vehicles, versus just five percent of vehicle owners in the United States. Still, diesel engines aren’t just used for cars—they’re also used for machinery and equipment used for construction, lawn maintenance and much more. Here are a few examples of some of the biggest pros and cons associated with the use of diesel engines. Talk to your trusted provider of diesel... View Article

Signs of a Blown Gasket

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In modern diesel engines, there’s a lot of activity from the moment you throw the ignition. Liquids are pumped. Gases are injected. Wires carry electrical signals. It’s a symphony of technological brilliance that’s held together, in large part, by the head gasket. In a diesel engine, the head gasket ensures that all of the various liquids and gases stay where they’re meant to be instead of escaping and causing trouble in your engine. When a head gasket fails, it won’t break in one dramatic gesture. It will bend and crack, its ability eroding over time. You might not even realize... View Article

Prepare Your Diesel for Winter

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Though most of the national headlines will focus on the feet of snow falling in the northern parts of the United States, every Texan knows that winter doesn’t spare Texas any of its harshness. Even as the weather cools down, work still needs to get done, and your tools still need to function at peak efficiency. In a huge variety of Texas industries, one of the most essential tools is a diesel engine. From the state’s farms to its oil fields, diesels keep things running. Colder temperatures can wreak havoc on diesel engines if they’re not adequately prepped. As winter... View Article

How Fuel Injection Systems Work

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Fuel injection systems in Corpus Christi, TX replaced the carburetor when emissions concerns required technological innovation. First, there were throttle body fuel injection systems that were easier to install as auto manufacturers made the transition from carburetors. Now, most new engines contain a multi-port fuel injection system, which supplies better fuel metering and efficiency, as well as lower emissions. Here’s a closer look at how this system works. Hit the gas Everything starts when you hit the gas. The gas pedal is attached to the throttle valve, which regulates air to the engine. When you step on the pedal, the... View Article

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

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Oil change service in Corpus Christi, TX and other vehicle maintenance should not be neglected. While it takes time and money to stay current, this is time well spent when you consider the alternative. Diesel engines are especially long-lived, but that only happens if you take good care of them. Here are five reasons why regular vehicle maintenance is important: Maintain performance: Performance filtration and lubricants made especially for diesel engines can make a big difference in performance and fuel efficiency. The best way to know whether you are using the best products for your vehicle is to see your... View Article