Our vehicles play a crucial role in our daily lives, so when your vehicle requires diesel engine repairs in Corpus Christi, TX, we understand how frustrating it can be to put your schedule on hold until a technician makes the necessary fixes to get you back on the road.

We can’t overstate the importance of diesel engine maintenance in Corpus Christi, TX. You need to top off the oil regularly, monitor coolant levels, swap out fuel and air filters and clean any grime or dirt from the engine. Failing to perform these vital tasks ages your engine faster. This results in more repairs and expenses for you, and compromises your ability to use your vehicle for whatever kind of work you do.

The most common problems with diesel engines

If you ignore the vital tasks of diesel engine maintenance in Corpus Christi, TX, you’ll notice various warning signs that indicate a number of problems with your vehicle:

  • Noxious exhaust: Yes, diesel engines put out more exhaust and smoke than standard gasoline engines. However, when the exhaust coming from your vehicle is black and smells bad, this indicates a problem with your engine that requires immediate attention. Usually, this is a problem caused by an imbalance fuel to air ratio in the engine.
  • Difficulty starting: You shouldn’t struggle to start your vehicle. There shouldn’t be any delay when you turn the key in the ignition, either. This usually indicates a problem with injecting fuel into the engine. The problem may also relate to failing glow plugs, the diesel engine alternative to spark plugs.
  • Noisy engine: Of course, any engine creates noise. You drive your diesel vehicle enough to know the familiar sounds it makes. Any changes to these sounds or a knocking noise indicate an urgent need for engine repair. A wide range of causes may lead to these sounds, such as adverse reaction to humidity.
  • Contaminated diesel: The higher viscosity of diesel makes it more susceptible to contamination than standard gasoline. Water, debris, microorganisms, soot and glycol may dilute the diesel fuel in your vehicle. Pumping contaminated diesel through your engine may result in a wide range of problems. Damaged caps, seals and gaskets allow contaminants to find their way into your vehicle’s fuel tank and engine.
  • Slower acceleration: Another symptom of diesel engine issues is that it takes longer for your car to pick up speed. This usually happens slowly until one day you notice your diesel vehicle doesn’t accelerate as well as it did previously.

While you can try to perform diesel engine repairs in Corpus Christi, TX on your own, you may find it more efficient and less expensive just to bring your vehicle to the experts at Coastal Diesel Injection. We’ve specialized in diesel engine care and repairs since 1995. Along with repairing automotive diesel engines, we also perform a variety of maintenance and repair services for commercial trucks and marine and agricultural equipment. Make an appointment for your vehicle now. We look forward to assisting you soon!