Diesel engines aren’t nearly as common in the average car as they used to be a couple decades ago. In trucks, however, the diesel engine is still a popular choice. The best way to choose which engine to get in your truck is to look at how you’ll be using your truck and pick the one that fits your needs. An auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX can help explain what you’ll be getting with each type of engine. Here’s a quick rundown of each engine’s pros and cons:

  • Fuel: When it comes to fueling, both diesel and gasoline engines come with pluses. A diesel engine can offer up to 35 percent greater fuel economy as compared to gasoline engines. This is because diesel fuel has a higher energy density than gasoline. This means, when generating the same amount of energy as a gas engine, the diesel engine burns less fuel. On the other side of the coin, diesel is usually more expensive than gasoline, and can be harder to find. Some stations just don’t have diesel pumps. Make sure to check your local gas stations to make sure they have diesel pumps if you’re considering a diesel engine.
  • Maintenance cost: Both engines have pro and cons when it comes to going to an auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX. A gasoline engine will generally cost less to maintain than a diesel engine, and repair technicians are easy to come by. Diesel engines, meanwhile, don’t have spark plugs or distributors that require ignition tune-ups, and can go longer between some forms of maintenance. At the same time, they need more oil and tend to require filter changes more frequently than a gasoline engine.
  • Engine lifespan: If you’re looking for an engine you won’t have to replace, you’ll want to choose a diesel engine. They’re designed to last longer because of their sturdier parts. They also benefit from the fact that diesel fuel is less corrosive than gasoline. If you keep up with maintenance by going to auto repair shops in Corpus Christi, TX, your diesel engine will last a long time.
  • Towing capabilities: For a truck, one of the big draws is its towing capacity. A diesel engine has a torque advantage over gas engines, making it the choice if you’re doing a lot of towing.
  • Impact on the environment: Diesel gets a bad rap when it comes to the environment. While it produced more emissions decades ago, the latest diesel engines are on par with gasoline engines. If you’re looking to keep your carbon footprint low, it won’t matter which type of engine you choose.

Both diesel and gasoline engines work well in trucks. If you’re looking for more towing and longer intervals between maintenance, a diesel engine is likely your best choice. Auto repair shops in Corpus Christi, TX can make sure either engine type will run smoothly for its lifetime. Here at Coastal Diesel Injection, we’re a family owned and operated company that prides itself on its communication and quality work. We do more than any dealership and can even help explain the difference between diesel and gas engines. Give us a call to set up an appointment.