Our shop receives many questions on improving diesel truck performance in Corpus Christi, TX. Customers notice their trucks stop towing and driving efficiently, and they look for ways to return performance to like-new standards. Fortunately, if you need a better running and more efficient truck, you have options. Here are five ways to increase your truck’s performance today:

  • Tune it up: All complex machines require tune-ups to run well. Your diesel truck is no different, and you need to stay on schedule with oil changes, fluid changes, new spark plugs and clean filters. Swapping out these fluids and parts goes far in keeping performance high and helping your truck get you from point A to point B. If you often tow, plan to arrange tune-ups and maintenance more frequently.
  • Upgrade to cold air intake: Installing cold air intake boosts engine performance. Cold air intake pulls cool air from outside and filters it through your engine. The cold air is denser, so when the engine mixes it with fuel and burns it, it creates more oxygen. That translates into additional power. Cold air intake also reduces airflow resistance and unwanted turbulence in the pipes, which also improves performance.
  • Install a high-flow catalytic converter: This aftermarket catalytic converter is not much different from the factory-installed version. But unlike your original catalytic converter, this one creates a reaction between multiple metals and exhaust and performs this function more quickly. The result is reduced emissions and more power. You will notice the RPM range increase and enjoy additional torque and power. Not bad when you think about it: more power and fewer toxins released into the environment!
  • Add turbochargers and superchargers: Turbochargers and superchargers are forced-induction systems. They bring in cooler air, compress it and inject it into the cylinders. The result is an additional boost when you hit the gas. Many customers find that these additions increase torque and horsepower by half, which comes in handy if you are towing or merging onto the freeway. There are differences between the two parts and how they work. Turbochargers gain power from the exhaust system and generate power from the wasted energy in that system. Superchargers gain power from the primary engine belt, and you receive your power boost from them more quickly. Talk to your diesel mechanic about the best option for your truck.
  • Add exhaust headers and manifolds: Factory-installed exhaust manifolds are not as efficient as their aftermarket components. Manifolds work by moving dirty air out of the engine and into the exhaust system. Headers ease air out of the cylinders, and the more quickly it leaves, the more boost you receive. Aftermarket exhaust headers and manifolds perform these duties better and add power to your engine.

Ensure your performance solutions do not cause new problems. As you add boost and torque, make sure your transmission can handle it. It would be disappointing to invest in parts and mechanic labor, only to have your new additions blow out your transmission. Before installing, check the owner’s manual for limitations, and discuss all modifications with your diesel mechanic before making them final.

Coastal Diesel Injection is your source for diesel truck performance enhancements in Corpus Christi, TX. Take advantage of our drive-in services to complete simple maintenance tasks or look into our diesel performance modifications. Call us today to find your personalized solution for improving your truck’s performance.