If your diesel truck is a food truck or work truck, chances are, you use a mobile generator. These devices make work possible, but just like the truck that carries them, they require mobile generator repairs and maintenance in Corpus Christi, TX. Do not take your generator for granted—give it its tune-ups, too! Here are five generator maintenance tips to keep it working:

  • Test batteries frequently: Just as your truck cannot start with a dead battery, neither can your generator. Test the batteries often, and replace them when they cannot hold a charge. If they work fine, take the time to clean connections and check gravity and electrolyte levels. Put these tasks on a monthly schedule, so you know that your battery works when you take the mobile generator out on the field.
  • Keep parts handy: Oil and filters should be available for regular oil and filter changes. Otherwise, you risk the generator failing to run when you need it. While your truck requires oil changes between set mileage points, generator use is measured by the hour. If the generator runs continuously due to outages, emergencies or extended service times, keep the oil and filters handy. You may need to top off oil or make frequent oil changes. Even casual use can require this, so do not underestimate the impacts of longer-term generator use.
  • Run regularly: During the offseason, schedule time each month to run the generator for at least 30 minutes. This routine keeps engines lubricated and batteries charged. You also prevent oxidation of electrical contacts and use up the fuel before it deteriorates. Like people, generators need regular exercise to remain in top condition. You can enjoy reliable startups and smooth operation if you remember to run it occasionally and keep systems and fuel moving.
  • Store cautiously: Generators should never run on dirty fuel. If you need to store your generator for a long time, try to burn off all the fuel first. Otherwise, it lingers in the tank and attracts debris, which is not good when you turn on your generator later. You can try adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank if you cannot burn off or drain the fuel. If you have a diesel generator, you can store fuel in it longer, but be sure to test it frequently. Most emergency generators suffer engine failure due to bad fuel. That is another reason why you should run generators for at least 30 minutes a month.
  • Maintain wheels: Unless you want to try carrying it, never overlook the generator trailer. Check tires, wheel bearings, seals, springs, suspension and hangers for corrosion. Tighten wheel lug nuts every few months and check tires for appropriate pressure. Top off the air when needed.

Coastal Diesel Injection is your diesel truck repair specialist in Corpus Christi, TX. We hope you find these generator maintenance tips helpful, and that the need for mobile generator repairs remains a rare event. In the meantime, let us help you keep your food or work truck running. Call us today to make an appointment or take advantage of our drive-in services.