Electric vehicles are all the rage these days, and with good reason. With the imminent threats of climate change transforming the environment, it’s natural that we’re turning toward cleaner and more efficient engines. But can electric engines possibly fill in the gap that diesel engines would leave behind?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for. Currently, electric engines offer better air quality, lower noise pollution and better fuel efficiency, whereas diesel engines offer better torque and a lower price. For many individual consumers as well as commercial buyers, electric engines might not be cost effective or productive enough to justify the conversion—but as technology improves, we could see diesel engines unseated in the future. Read on for more information from the diesel experts at our auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX.

Electric truck technology

Currently, Tesla is attempting to build an electric engine powerful enough to take the place of diesel—which is a tough row to hoe. For anyone who has worked with a diesel engine, their long-range ability as well as the power to pull, push and everything in between far outshines current electric engine technology. With trucking playing a role in more than 70 percent of the American economy, seeing a shift from diesel to electric engines would be a massive overhaul that impacts nearly every industry you can think of.

Opponents of the switch point out that the infrastructure doesn’t support electric trucks just yet, and it will be expensive to do so. For example, drivers will need plentiful places to stop and recharge their vehicles—and that might happen more frequently, and take longer, than simply pulling into a gas station to refuel.

Electric engines are also significantly more expensive than diesel engines, which will impact the trucking industry from the top down. Consumers could expect to see higher prices as the industry switches over to the new technology. With gas prices continually on the rise, it’s wise to look to alternative sources of fuel, but in the meantime, consumers and commercial operations alike will not be happy about that increased cost.

However, the benefits of electric engines include the opportunity to take better care of the environment, which is a hot button issue these days. As climate change continues at a rapid pace, it’s incumbent upon the trucking industry to take better measures to protect the environment. Whether electric engines can ever fully replace diesel remains to be seen, but it seems that it would be a cleaner, greener solution for us all if they did. In the meantime, we can aim to make sure our diesel engines burn as cleanly as possible.

Diesel engine repair in Corpus Christi, TX

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