Gas or diesel—which type of engine are you going to want to use for your vehicle? This is a question we frequently get at our auto repair shop, and one that can have a varying answer depending on the type of truck you have and how you use it, as well as your personal preferences.

Here are some factors to consider in making this decision:

  • Fuel efficiency: According to information from the U.S. Department of Energy, diesel engines provide anywhere from 30 to 35 percent better fuel economy than comparable gas engines. Because truck fleet owners are always looking for ways to cut costs and save fuel, diesel engines in Corpus Christi, TX might be an ideal solution.
  • Maintenance costs: Regular maintenance on a diesel engine will usually cost more over time than a gasoline engine, which is because these diesel engines have components that either don’t exist on gas engines or will require more frequent service. For example, the oil reservoir is larger for a diesel engine, and the filters and water separator need to be replaced more frequently.
  • Engine longevity: If you want an engine that’s going to stand the test of time, diesel is going to last substantially longer than gasoline. This is because diesel engines have high compression ratios and high cylinder pressure, which results in them using sturdier engine parts that last longer and dissipate higher engine temperatures. Plus, diesel fuel exhaust is not as corrosive as gas engine exhaust, which is another factor in how long you can expect the engine to last.
  • Trailering or towing: Diesel is a much better choice if towing capacity is a key factor in how you’ll be using the vehicle. Diesel engines provide a much better torque advantage, which allows you to pull heavier loads up steep grades.
  • Environmental friendliness: Is there any significant difference between diesel and gas in terms of the type of impact they have on the environment? Not really—since the 2010 EPA diesel emissions requirements were implemented, you’ll find that diesel and gas have comparable impact on the environment. Therefore, environmental friendliness does not really need to be a factor you consider when making your decision.
  • Resale: The market perceives a diesel truck will be worth more than a gas-powered truck that has the same number of miles, mostly because there is going to be more remaining useful life. Therefore, if you’re at all thinking about resale potential, you’ll find diesel to be a better option for your purposes.
  • Fuel cost: Gasoline does have one economical advantage over diesel in that the cost of the fuel per gallon is usually quite a bit lower than diesel. However, you might find that the cost savings in this area are negligible compared to the costs diesel saves you in other areas.

Interested in learning more about how diesel and gas compare to each other? Contact Coastal Diesel Injection to speak with a diesel performance expert in Corpus Christi, TX.