A lot of auto service in Texas can actually be accomplished on your own if you have the confidence to do so. Replacing your wiper blades, filling your wiper fluid and even rotating your tires can all be done on your own if you feel confident enough in your handy abilities. Working with oil changes on a diesel truck can also conceivably be a DIY task—start by asking how often you should get a diesel truck’s oil changed in Corpus Christi, TX.

Working with the professionals

Whether or not you do your own oil changes or work with professionals like those at Coastal Diesel Injection, you need to know whether you’re doing it often enough. Changing your oil regularly is a great way to stay on top of maintenance and be certain that your engine is running at peak performance. How often you should do so can vary considerably by truck make and model, but there are still some universal rules of thumb when it comes to changing the oil. Keep the following general thoughts in mind about how often you should change your truck’s oil.

The importance of changing oil

Regular oil changes are one of the best ways to make sure your engine lives up to its peak performance. Engine oil is responsible for cooling, protecting and lubricating all components of the engine. Taking too long between oil changes means you’re letting older oil accumulate dirt and debris, which can clog the entire engine and cause the performance of your diesel truck to plummet. Finding the right provider of oil change service in Corpus Christi, TX is a great way to preserve the life of your truck and keep it in top shape for years to come. Clean oil keeps components moving properly and prevents them from grinding against each other, which can lead to costly damage.

Oil change intervals

The concept of oil change intervals—meaning how often you should change the oil on your diesel truck—is a complex question, because every single truck is different, and its engine has different requirements. However, diesel engines are similar to other regular car engines in that the rule of thumb is that you should be replacing the oil roughly every 3,000 miles. This is the case if you’re using standard oil, and this mileage bumps up to every 5,000 to 6,000 miles if you’re using synthetic oil. If you use a premium and pricy synthetic oil, that number can even be upped to around 10,000 miles, but this is something that’s out of reach for many truck owners. The cost of an oil change in Corpus Christi, TX depends largely on what type of oil you choose, and our pros can help you make a decision on what’s best for your particular situation.

Changing the oil regularly is an easy way to ensure top performance and sustained excellence from your diesel truck. Coastal Diesel Injection can provide a premium oil change in Corpus Christi, TX that will keep your truck in great shape. Oil changes are not something you want to leave unattended—it’s simply not worth it to let your schedule lapse, since it can cause real damage to your truck. Call us today to schedule your oil change!