Which fuel injectors are right for your fuel injection system in Corpus Christi, TX? It’s important to make the correct choice. While a slight difference in size may seem insignificant, if you get this wrong, you could ruin your engine.

To choose the best fuel injectors, keep the following tips in mind. For additional assistance with fuel injection systems in Corpus Christi, TX, contact your local experts at Coastal Diesel Injection:

  • Don’t go overboard: Texans are known for doing things big. When it comes to fuel injection systems in Corpus Christi, TX, though, it’s important to remember that bigger isn’t always better. Don’t automatically choose a bigger fuel injector simply because you want to have more power. The bigger injector might not produce the high-power results you envision. Instead, if the injector is too large for your system, it could flood the engine, damage spark plugs or cause the engine to fail completely.
  • Use work-arounds: If you want more power, there are better ways to accomplish this than to overload your system with a fuel injector that is too large. Make modifications to your vehicle that will increase its power. Try installing a larger exhaust, adding an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, using a bigger fuel pump or tweaking the computer system. Keep these modifications in mind as you choose your fuel injectors.
  • Don’t underwhelm your system: While you don’t want to go too big, you also want to avoid running your engine on an injector that is not powerful enough. If you’ve made modifications that have increased the power of your vehicle, you’ll need enough fuel for the engine to keep up. Use fuel injectors that are bigger to avoid a sluggish system and burned-out pistons.
  • Consider key factors: To know what size you need for your fuel injection system in Corpus Christi, TX, you must understand how much horsepower your vehicle produces. Consider whether your car is supercharged or turbocharged, what kind of fuel you’re using and any modifications you have completed to your vehicle.
  • Consult with experts: Of course, one of the best ways to determine what size fuel injector you need is to contact a professional. With an expert’s input, you can be sure to select the best parts to optimize your vehicle’s performance and protect it from damage. Simply contact a local company that specializes in fuel injector systems in Corpus Christi, TX. Allow them to review your vehicle and its modifications to recommend what size fuel injectors you should use.

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