Fuel injection is a process that is found in diesel engines in trucks, heavy equipment and other machinery. The fuel injection process takes place in an internal combustion engine where fuel is introduced directly into a chamber with pressurized air. This type of system is capable of delivering an exceptional amount of power that is suitable for high-performance vehicles and equipment like construction machinery and semi trucks. Common rail is a type of fuel injection system that is capable of offering more control within a diesel engine of the injection timing and rate. Understanding common rail fuel injection can give you more insight into how modern diesel engines operate and how you can achieve the most efficiency from your diesel machinery and vehicles.

Function and benefits of common rail

In a common rail direct injection system, the fuel is stored in a cylinder, referred to as a rail, which is connected by individual pipes to the fuel injectors within the engine. Similar to traditional fuel injection systems, the pressure of the fuel is controlled by a fuel pump. The major difference is the fact that the individual injectors, along with the fuel pump, help to dictate the rate and amount of the fuel being injected. In traditional diesel injection systems, the timing, volume and pressure of the fuel is all directly controlled by the fuel pump.

Common rail direct fuel injection systems in Corpus Christi, TX offer several benefits over traditional injection systems. The most significant advantage to operators and drivers of diesel engines is the fact that fuel injections can be controlled to deliver better performance and efficiency. There are programable electronic controls that can be used to dictate the rate and volume of fuel that is being injected, which can be applied to maximize the efficiency and power of diesel engines with common rail direct injection.

Because of all of the control that common rail provides, you can enjoy many added benefits on top of performance control. The control over injection timing promotes a smoother operation of your engine, in addition to decreased noise and vibration. The increased efficiency in the combustion process with common rail injection also means that you will be able to decrease emissions from your engine, which means that you can meet some of the more stringent emission standards that have been introduced for diesel engines in recent years. This system also promotes increased longevity for your engine. The more efficiently an engine can run, the longer it will be able to provide you with effective performance.

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