Have you ever wondered where the diesel engine in Corpus Christi, TX got its name? This modern-day engine traces its roots to an inventor by the name of Rudolf Diesel. This brilliant designer died a mysterious death at sea in 1913, but not before leaving a legacy that gave us the modern-day diesel engine.

Diesel’s Early Days

Born in Paris in 1858, Diesel hailed from Bavarian immigrants. When the Franco-German war broke out, his family was deported to England. Later, Diesel traveled to Germany to study engineering at Munich Polytechnic. When he completed his studies, he started his career as a refrigerator engineer in Paris.

Diesel’s Discovery

Diesel loved engine design, and he spent years exploring engine ideas. His main goal was to build an engine that would help small businesses compete with the big guys. This led to his creation of the diesel engine. His first working model was a 10-foot iron cylinder with a flywheel. This original diesel engine ran for the first time in 1893. Diesel followed up this creation with a published paper that shared the internal combustion engine with the world. He filed to patent his invention in 1894.

Diesel Design

Diesel’s engine differs from classic gasoline engines in the way it uses fuel. In a diesel engine, fuel injector nozzles spray fuel into the combustion chamber. This spray is timed so that the fuel enters the chamber when the air is under enough pressure that it is hot enough to ignite the fuel.

One can recognize Rudolf Diesel’s inventions by three common factors. His products all involve creative mechanical design. They also all involve physical processes that create heat transference. Finally, they are all based on Diesel’s philosophy of sociological needs. He wanted independent artisans to be able to keep up with large industry.

Diesel Gets Duped

Diesel went on to improve his 1893 invention by increasing efficiency. His 1896 model offered a 75 percent efficiency—a grand improvement to the previous model’s 10 percent. Diesel got his patent for his invention, the “internal combustion engine,” in 1898. The diesel engine in Corpus Christi, TX today is a modern improvement of this antique invention.

Used in ships, locomotives, trucks, plants, submarines and more, the diesel engine has been fully embraced by industrialists and large corporations. Its adopted usage is a far cry from Rudolf Diesel’s goal of creating an engine that would help small businesses. His invention has powered transoceanic shipping, oil fields, pipelines and other large industry businesses. He may have overstepped his goal, but it did make him a millionaire.

Diesel Dealer

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