If you have just one goal for your diesel vehicle, make it to maximize diesel engine performance. But remember that engines need care and maintenance and tuning if they’re to perform well. The good news is that when you understand the basic tuning methods, you can improve diesel engine performance and enjoy your vehicle for years to come.

Here are five tips from a diesel performance shop in Corpus Christi, TX for increasing diesel engine performance:

  • Perform regular upgrades: Diesel vehicles work hard and use a lot of power to achieve many tasks. It’s for this reason that many diesel owners perform periodic upgrades to their diesel engine parts. For instance, you can install a cold air intake system to increase engine performance rates. To boost the combustion rate, upgrade to a cold air intake that pulls in air that is cooler than the air inside the system. This can increase performance by 20 percent or more and improve diesel fuel usage.
  • Upgrade the diesel fuel injectors: For more engine power output, upgrade your diesel fuel injectors. The full consumption rate will be reduced by about 20 percent—just make sure to install fuel injectors that are suited for the capacity of your engine model. Additionally, using quality performance injectors can add more than 150 brake horsepower.
  • Schedule pro checkups: Any vehicle with one of many diesel fuel performance fuel systems will benefit from periodic checkups. Note that the engine is not far away from the fuel system, only a few feet or so, which can cause problems to your vehicle’s fuel injection delivery system. With the right delivery system fitted to the engine, you can see increased horsepower and fuel efficiency, and quieter and smoother acceleration. Proper care is an important maintenance step, whether you have the skills to do it yourself or take it into an auto shop, and don’t hesitate to seek an opinion about a possible system replacement.
  • Replace modules in the engine: For better torque capacity of up 30 percent over the norm, consider replacing the diesel performance modules in the engine. Doing this replacement may also get you another 150 horsepower. If the replacement is for your engine and the installation is done right, you won’t need to re-program the circuits.
  • Use good exhaust systems: One of the best things you can do to improve diesel engine performance is to install a good exhaust system. This can lead to smoother acceleration, lower noise level, improved fuel efficiency and longer engine life. Choose the right type of exhaust pipe for your vehicle to reduce temperature and pressure in the system.

If you are looking for a diesel performance shop in Corpus Christi, TX to make professional upgrades to your diesel engine, then come on in to Coastal Diesel Injection! Our certified mechanics can give suggestions on what you can do to help your vehicle perform better, or you can ask us about completely rebuilding your diesel engine with performance parts. Contact us today!