Your car’s performance is something you can’t skimp on. The safety of your family and other loved ones is riding on its maintenance and safety, so you can’t cut any corners. This becomes particularly true when you’re talking about the brakes. They are the single most important safety component of any car, and they need to be in top shape. Brake repair in Corpus Christi, TX is one of our specialties at Coastal Diesel Injection, and we’ve handled enough brake repair jobs to be able to recognize some of the most glaring (and the most subtle) warning signs:

  • Brake light on: One of the most obvious signs that you might be in need of auto repair in Corpus Christi, TX is when your car is literally trying to tell you that it needs service. When your brake light illuminates on your dashboard or instrument panel, it’s time to get the brakes checked out by a professional who can figure things out.
  • Trust your ears: If you hear a screeching, squeaking, squealing or grinding noise, it’s a sign that your brakes are worn down. A high-pitched noise can likely indicate that the brakes are directly touching the rotors since the pads are totally worn away, and your vehicle should be serviced immediately before the brakes are irreversibly damaged.
  • A wobbling sensation: If the steering wheel shakes or vibrates when you’re braking, it could be a sign that you need work done to straighten out uneven rotors. Brake repair in Corpus Christi, TX needs to be a priority if this occurs.
  • Fluid leaking: This can be done by a service technician or as a DIY job, but if you suspect your brakes need service, then you might want to check for fluid leaking from the master cylinder or along the brake line. This could be your brake fluid gradually depleting and being removed from your system.
  • “Soft” brake pedal: A soft brake pedal means that the resistance is not as pronounced as it used to be—you now need to put more pressure on the brakes in order to achieve the same results. If this happens, it could be a sign that you need immediate service. Don’t delay on this brake repair in Corpus Christi, TX—go to the mechanic as soon as possible.
  • A burning smell: Smelling something burning when you apply the brakes means that the brakes may be overheating—this could be a sign that you need to disengage your parking brake, but if that doesn’t work, it’s time to see the mechanic.
  • Stopping short causes problems: If you stop short and the car bounces up and down, it’s more likely to be a shock absorber issue rather than a brake problem.
  • Car pulling to the side: Feeling the car pulling when you’re braking is most likely to be an issue with the calipers, or possibly the hose for the brakes is starting to break down.

When your car’s brakes are in jeopardy, it can be a very stressful time, especially if you’re noticing one or more of these warning signs. Give the pros at Coastal Diesel Injection a call, and we’ll help you get safely back on the road right away.