Is it time for a diesel engine overhaul in Corpus Christi, TX? How can you tell if you need simple repairs or if you need an entire diesel engine rebuild in Corpus Christi, TX? If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, use the following guide.

One of the top ways to know when you need a diesel engine overhaul in Corpus Christi, TX is by conducting an oil analysis. Here’s an overview of this process and how to use it to diagnose your engine problems.

Oil Analysis

Cost: An oil analysis typically costs $10 to $20 per sample.

Frequency: Get an analysis of your oil every time you have the oil changed. Doing this over the long term will provide consistent samples to compare for changes in engine performance.

Purpose: An oil analysis will allow you to monitor the concentration of metals and other deposits in your engine.

Indicators: The presence of certain particulates in your oil can indicate specific problems with the engine. By detecting these issues, you can make the proper repairs and save your engine from failure, or the results may reveal to you that it is time for a diesel engine rebuild in Corpus Christi, TX:

  • If the oil shows a high concentration of metal particles, this might indicate a failure of the cam bearings, rod or main bearings.
  • A high concentration of fuel or antifreeze can indicate excessive wear in the cylinder liner or failing piston rings.
  • The presence of unfiltered air will affect the analysis, indicating that the air cleaner needs to be adjusted.
  • If the analysis shows low oil viscosity and fuel dilution, you might have a problem with your fuel injection system.
  • High concentrations of wear metals might be a sign that your cylinder liners or piston rings are in trouble.


  • Be sure to look at the entire analysis report to get a true view of performance. Taking one reading by itself can provide an inaccurate impression of the engine.
  • Spikes are what to watch for. If you consistently see low levels of metals, your engine is probably doing okay. If you suddenly see much higher readings from a single analysis, you should seek repairs.
  • Look for multiple indicators. If you’re headed for a diesel engine overhaul in Corpus Christi, TX, you’ll find many indicators pointing you in this direction.
  • If you collect your own oil samples, let the oil drain for a few minutes, then gather the sample. The first few drops are likely to contain debris.
  • If you add oil frequently, track how much you add and provide this information to the lab that performs the analysis. Also let them know your mileage each time.

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