You’re driving down the road and suddenly run over a pothole. It jostles you around in your vehicle a bit, but you keep plowing ahead and don’t think much of it. But this might be all it takes to knock your vehicle and tires out of alignment.

It really doesn’t take as much as you might think to mess with the alignment of your vehicle. Running over potholes or curbs and general wear and tear can all have a toll on the suspension system of your vehicle, and its steering components. If this does happen, and your vehicle does come out of alignment, everything about your vehicle will be affected.

Here are just a few examples of some of the ways in which vehicle alignment can influence the performance of your vehicle, and why it’s important to visit an auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX if your vehicle does become misaligned:

  • Safety: First and foremost are the safety concerns that exist for any vehicle that’s not in proper alignment. When your wheels aren’t aligned, your vehicle may pull left or right against your will, meaning it becomes much more difficult to maintain control over the vehicle. This poor handling can quickly become dangerous, especially when traveling at high speeds or on crowded stretches of road.
  • Comfort: It’s much more comfortable to be in a vehicle that has aligned wheels—you don’t feel like you’re getting pulled all over the place, and you can relax a bit rather than feeling you have to have a death grip on the steering wheel to anticipate any sudden movements.
  • Tire life: When the suspension system is not properly aligned, this will lead to uneven wear in your tires, meaning you’ll have to replace them sooner than you otherwise would if they were in proper alignment.

So how exactly can you tell if your tires need to be realigned?

The most common symptom is if you notice that your vehicle starts pulling from one side to another while you’re driving. While your car will never go straight ahead on the road if you let go of the wheel simply because you’ll never be driving on a perfectly flat surface, you shouldn’t have to feel as though you’re working against the will of the vehicle when maneuvering the steering wheel.

You may also notice your front end starting to shimmy or shake after you hit a bump, or your steering wheel not lining up straight as you move your vehicle straight ahead.

Finally, your front tires may begin to show some signs of uneven wear. While this isn’t always a sign that your vehicle is out of alignment (it could be improper tire pressure), it certainly is a possible symptom for you to consider.

For more information about why vehicle alignment is so important and the steps you should take if you believe your vehicle to be misaligned, contact Coastal Diesel Injection or visit our auto repair shop in Corpus Christi, TX. We look forward to assisting you soon!