If your vehicle has a diesel engine, you may eventually feel like your stock parts just don’t cut it anymore. Getting the right upgrade can dramatically improve your vehicle’s performance and power. If you crave more horsepower, an aftermarket diesel lift pump in Corpus Christi, TX might just do the trick.

Upgrading your lift pump makes it easier for your engine to take in fuel, which in turn increases your engine’s horsepower. Read on to learn more about lift pumps and how they can benefit your diesel engine.

What is a lift pump?

A lift pump is part of the fuel supply system. The lift pump takes the fuel from the tank and delivers it to the fuel injectors. Almost all diesel engines include a lift pump, although some are separate and some are directly integrated into the engine.

Your lift pump also supplies pressure along with the fuel. This allows the injectors to pressurize the fuel more efficiently, so the engine isn’t “starved.” Without a lift pump, the injector pump would have to draw the fuel from the tank itself, and spend more time pressurizing it before delivering to the engine. If the engine doesn’t get enough fuel on a consistent basis, it will damage the pump as well as the injectors.

Why would I need a new lift pump?

Stock parts are designed to get the job done, but aftermarket parts are made to improve performance. There are aftermarket upgrades for just about every vehicle part out there, so choosing the right ones for your car or truck depends on what you hope to get out of it.

Diesel engines are already fuel efficient, but adding a better lift pump can improve that performance even more. If you’re upgrading your fuel injectors, you’ll also need to upgrade the lift pump. The more fuel your injectors deliver, the more they need a lift pump to help pressurize and deliver the fuel to the injectors and engine. This prevents fuel starvation and will keep your system running at a consistently excellent level.

The most important thing to remember is that you’ll need a lift pump that works with your specific fuel injectors. Most importantly, if you have a diesel engine, you’ll need a pump designed for diesel fuel. If you’re not sure which part to choose, ask one of the experts at Coastal Diesel Injection.

Additionally, some modern vehicles can be modified by changing their programming rather than adding new fuel injectors. Make sure you understand how your fuel delivery is changed, why and which parts you’ll need to accomplish your goals before installing a new diesel lift pump. You might also want to add a filtration system at the same time, which improves filtration capacity and improves the performance even more.

When it comes to aftermarket injection pump upgrades in Corpus Christi, TX, the team at Coastal Diesel Injection has you covered. Call us today to learn more about our services and parts. We look forward to working with you soon.